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New Ways Of Working @ Work to save time and increate profit.

The Innovation Lab

Design and build Workplace Internet Of Things. How ca we help you Make Your Space Work? What’s measured can be managed. Don’t get left behind. The internet of things in the Workplace is on it’s way, don’t get left behind… #NewWaysOfWorking #TheInternetOfThings #IOT #WorkplaceIOT

Smart Button One

Smart Button 1 (SB1) specifications: Bluetooth 4.0 LE WiFi 2.4 Ghz (b/g/n) Embedded RJ-45 connector Unique Identifier D75,5 H47,1 OTA (over the air) firmware update Height sensor Integrated push button 240 LED connector #NewWaysOf Working #WorkplaceTech

Workplace Wellness

If you are thinking about Sit Stand desks this is a great doc to read…Sit-Stand desks Office environments may differ greatly, but the demands placed on the human body have striking similarities. We were not made to sit in one position all day. Like many other animals, our bodies were designed to move.

FF&E Scheduler

Workplace FF&E Scheduler

Fohlio is a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use FF&E specification software for interior designers and architects. This software is going to save you SO MUCH TIME… Instantly extract product information from any website using our lightweight web clipper: no dragging and dropping, just a few clicks and your information is saved to your FF&E schedule. Our massiveContinue reading “Workplace FF&E Scheduler”

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