Marketing Property Online

Have you ever bought a holiday online and been disappointed that it was not quite what you had expected when you arrive? How about arrange a viewing to see a house which looked nothing like the listing? Isn’t this misrepresentation? Negligence? I’m sure there are probably laws about that? So how can you avoidContinue reading “Marketing Property Online”

High quality 3D virtual tours are set to become mainstream in estate agency in 2019

High street agents are fighting back, using technology such as 3D tours to strengthen their traditional appeal. In a branch, one of the advantages of 3D tours is that they allow prospective viewers to look through properties virtually with the agent and then decide which ones to view in person.

3D Virtual Reality Tours

Have a look at both these projects and let me know what you think and what ‘use cases’ you could use this tech for? The first one is a recent project we installed last year. The Felbridge Hotel The second a newly refurbished London showroom of a much loved and highly recommended furniture manufacturer. Brunner London ShowroomContinue reading “3D Virtual Reality Tours”

People Centric Workplace Sensors

What are People Centric Sensors and what are the benefits for me and my business? 1. Employee Wellness Connect our sensor to any sit-stand desk and your mobile phone and control your desk with your phone or monitor your sit stand habits throughout the day. Standing for 15 minutes per hour will…So you can cancelContinue reading “People Centric Workplace Sensors”

What is a Sales Funnel?

Did you know that it costs McDonalds $1.91 in advertising to get you into the drive through…? And when they sell you a burger for $2.09… they ONLY make $0.18… 🙁 But… when they upsell you fries and a coke for $1.77 more… they make (and more importantly keep $1.32 profit)… Yes, 8 times theContinue reading “What is a Sales Funnel?”

Workplace Booking

Are your Workplace work-points or meeting rooms actually booked? Do you have ‘No shows’ that skew your Occupancy Analysis? Do work-points or meeting rooms appear to be occupied when viewed on your floor plan, heat map only to be empty in reality? The ‘beach towelling’ concept of reserving the best work-point or meeting room atContinue reading “Workplace Booking”