the future of the contract furniture market.

Our predictions for the future of the contract furniture market. 

After 22 years working in the commercial workplace sector from poacher to game keeper we have knowledge and experience of all aspects of this industry. 

Technology has evolved radically over the last 22 years and is not about to stop. Personal computers and mobile phones in the workplace were the new things back then.

Technology will clearly revolutionise the industry. The early adopters have already jumped online. How long are you going to wait before you even get started? 

So what does the future hold for the traditional contract furniture dealer now we have the internet and everyone in the world has the ability to sell anything to anyone?

  • The traditional furniture dealer as we know them today will decline. 
  • Current dealer margins prove that already and are simply not sustainable long term. 
  • Projects are bought for their prestige which isn’t exactly a great business model. 
  • Designers, Architects & Specifiers scope will grow as the traditional dealer network, as we know it, starts to decline.
  • The educated consumer will demand that manufacturers share discounts previously retained for their dealer partners with them directly.
  • The traditional dealer has to evolve into a local service centre and start making money from added value services rather than just furniture. Installation companies are ideally positioned to become local service centres.
  • The Internet of things will continue to grow rapidly. Sensors will monitor every single ‘thing’ and not just in the workplace.

To be continued…

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