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Have you ever bought a holiday online and been disappointed that it was not quite what you had expected when you arrive?

How about arrange a viewing to see a house which looked nothing like the listing?

Isn’t this misrepresentation? Negligence? I’m sure there are probably laws about that?

So how can you avoid wasting everyones time marketing a property online in such a way that there is absolutely no way of it being misleading?

How about a Virtual Reality 3D Walkthrough? But not just ANY Virtual Reality 3D Walkthrough! This is a Matterport Pro2 Virtual Reality 3D Walkthrough…

Start the tour above by clicking the PLAY button in the middle.

Click on the VIEW FLOOR PLAN/ VIEW DOLLHOUSE icon above to see the whole property in a birds eye view. This feature is only possible because our cameras also scan in infrared and build the 3D model you are looking at above. In a old school 360 degree tour you can get lost and not know where to go next. If this happens to you above just click any of the icons on the bottom left escape.

Another key navigation feature is our highlight real. Click on the OPEN HIGHLIGHTS icon on the far bottom left to access it. This then allows you to jump into any room inside your tour.

If its too hot to walk around on your own simply press the PLAY icon and we will take you on a pre defined guided tour of the property and show you all the key areas of interest.

So now you know why our Matterport 3D Tour is so much easier to navigate than old style 360 tours. What else does it do?

A single onsite scan similar to above takes about an hour. From that single visit we create the Tour, 4K HD photographs, Social Medial Videos, 360 Photographs, 2D black and white floor plans showing room sizes and overall Square meters of the property.

With this amount of information and being 4K high definition photography do you think there is any possibility that the property above looks different in reality?

Please comment below. I would love to here you thoughts?

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